Top 10 Reasons It Pays To Get An Annual Auto Checkup

Did you know by getting regular auto checkups and having your vehicle serviced at the appropriate intervals, you can control your car’s repair and maintenance needs?

Top 10 Reasons It Pays To Get An Annual Auto Checkup |

Lower your cost per mile and protect your investment

  • Greater Dependability

Having a reliable vehicle that’s not likely to breakdown and leave you stranded is the most important reason for making sure your car has regular checkups.

  • Improved Fuel Economy

Neglected vehicles can experience a decrease of 5 mpg or more due to various factors like misaligned wheels, an engine misfire, under inflated tires or driving with the check engine light on.

  • Lower Repair Costs

Catching small problems before they turn into major (expensive) problems is the key here. If worn components are neglected they can lead to far costlier repair bills down the road.

  • Improved Safety

Exhaust leaks, badly worn tires, marginal brakes can present considerable safety hazards when they’re not detected and corrected promptly.

  • Parts Last Longer

When a vehicle’s service and repair needs are neglected, many parts can wear out prematurely. Some of the more expensive examples would include the A/C compressor, radiator, tires and catalytic converter.

  • Fewer Financial Surprises

It’s difficult to budget for car repairs when you don’t know when they might happen or what’s likely going to happen.

  • Reduced Pollution

Keeping your engine in tune helps keep our air clean of harmful pollutants and everybody wins!

  • Improved Performance & Handling

The peace of mind that comes with knowing your car is in top shape is the best part of owning your vehicle.

  • Greater Ride Comfort

Well maintained vehicles will have their shocks, struts, and other suspension components kept in good operating condition allowing you and your passengers an enjoyable smooth ride.

  • Increased Protection For Your Auto Investment

Your vehicle will retain its full market value over a neglected vehicle. Your Auto checkup will help you to maximize your return of transportation dollars.

3 year/36k mile Warranty |

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