Tips For A Successful Family Road Trip

Road trips are a popular way for American families to travel and take vacations, and many people choose to travel via car rather than plane. Although road trips are a great way for families to bond and create memories, travelling with kids for long periods of time can present challenges. To make sure your family has a fun successful road trip, there are certain tips and tricks to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Plan Ahead

Tips For A Successful Family Road Trip |

This may seem obvious to most, but the more you plan ahead for your family trip, the easier it will be. Before you go, decide what time of the day most of your driving will take place. If the majority of driving is during the day when the kids will be awake, be sure to pack plenty of entertainment for them. If there is more than one adult in the car, you also should decide who will be doing most of the driving, and who can be on “kid duty” if needed. Planning in advanced where you will stop for the restroom, gas, and food is also a good idea, so you know when everyone will be able to get out, stretch their legs, and let out some energy.


Tips For A Successful Family Road Trip |

Snacks are an essential part of road trips. To avoid eating too much fast food or junk from gas stations, plan ahead to bring healthy alternatives that keep well for long periods of time. Packing a cooler with various snack options to appeal to everyone in the car is a good idea to keep everyone full and happy. Some good snack options for road trips are: apples and peanut butter, nuts, single serve popcorn bags, baby carrots, Babybel cheese wheels, etc. When leaving the Lake Oconee area, be sure to stop by the Publix in the Lake Oconee Village to stock up on all of your snack needs.


Tips For A Successful Family Road Trip |

Packing entertainment for the kids is key for a peaceful road trip for the adults. Having a good balance between electronic and non-electronic activities is a good idea to keep kids engaged. iPads or iPhones have a multitude of apps for kids. It is a good idea to download the apps before your trip (and make sure they work without Wi-Fi or cellular data if on an iPad.) Audiobooks are another good source of entertainment, especially if your kids struggle with motion sickness. Download a couple of audio books before your trip, so your kid can sit back and listen to a book while on the drive. Non-electronic activities such as toys, coloring books, card games, and the classic car games of “I spy” or the license plate game are all good ways to keep the kids entertained without a screen, as well as allow the whole family to make memories and bond.

No matter if it is a 2-hour trip or 15 hours, it is important to prepare ahead of time and have what you need to have a successful and fun road trip with the family. On your way out of town, make sure your car is in its best shape by stopping by Gil’s Automotive Services located at 254 Parks Mill Rd. Buckhead, Georgia 30625.

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