Gil's Automotive Spring Maintenance Checklist

Auto Repair made easy by Gil

Battery: Check condition and age of battery.  Inspect & clean terminals.

Belts: Inspect all belts, hoses & clamps.  Replace any that are damaged or worn.

Brakes:  Inspect pads, shoes, check fluid levels. (Replace every 2 years)

Charging & Starting System: Check operatio of alternator, starter, fuses, wiring, etc.

Cooling System:  Check thermostat, flush system every 2 years unless using extened life antifreeze.  

CV Joints & Boots:  Inspect boots for cracks, tears or leaks.

Exhaust System:  INspec for leaks, rusted or damaged parts and loose clamps/brackets.

FIlters: Inspect and/or check age of: air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, PCV filter, transmission filter, cabin air filter, vapor canister filter.

Fluids:  Check and replace as necassary: brake fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, antifreeze/coolant, transmission fluid.

Fuel Injectors:  Check and clean injectors if necessary

Headlights:  Check aiming, check high & low beams, also check brake lights, turn signals, etc.

PCV Valve:  Check & replace annually.

Suspension:  Inspect shocks stuts, springs, etc.

Timing Belt/Chain:  Inspect annually if over 50,000 miles.

Tires:  Check tire condition, pressure, and balancing.  Rotate every 6,000 miles.

Transmission: Check linkage, condition of fluid, replace fluid & filter every 2 years.

Tune-Up:  Check spark plugs, wires, ignition timing, replace compents as needed.

Wheel Alignment:  Have alignment checked annually.

Wheel Bearings:  Have bearing checked annually.

Wipers:  Inspect and clean blades, replace annually.  Replenish washer fluid as needed.